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Commonly Used As A: Service Type

-- Solo --
Solo parts
That are in chunks
Are labeled either
Solo or lead

-- Unison --
Sections are labeled
Unison so everyone
Knows it’s their turn
To sing together.

Lines of call and response ( or backed up )
To the lead/choir ( part )
Are formatted like this ( so the back )

And forth of the lyrics ( is easy to ) understand
( and follow )
Who Ever Sings First Part
( Who ever sings Second Part )
[And Sometimes First and Second Sing Together]

*Sections and lines*
that are subject to change
*And be adlib are starred*
like this so
You know that they are
indeed subject to change

( x2 )
If something is repetitive
It will be labeled
At the top of the stanza

You will sometimes see
-- kc --
which is to let you know there's a key change

Keep in Mind, the lead of a song may adjust the song on the fly so keep your eyes on the lead and follow their direction

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